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Our mission
is to bring dedication, discipline, and opportunity
to all athletes in our local community. The goal is to help all athletes that are willing to work extremely
hard achieve their goals.

Core Values

• dedication

• discipline

• health

• opportunity

• growth


the JJR Foundation was established to bring opportunities to athletes of all levels located here in the Illinois valley. THE JJR FOUNDATION aims to give all kids the chance to be a part of sports and training. We are here to help keep kids active , develop self confidence and live a healthy lifestyle.

College Scholarships

Award board reviewed and approved scholarships to athlete and non-athlete members who apply  


Business and private donations help keep local kids active and healthy while having fun! sponsorships will also help athletes who cannot, for whatever reason, afford membership to jjr next level training.

JJ Raffelson
Heather Raffelson

Lyn Raffelson

Board of Directors:
President: TJ Templeton
Vice President: Tony Brucker
Secretary: Barbie Smith
Member: Charlie Brenem

Scholarship Application

Please email a one page essay stating why you deserve the JJR Foundation Scholarship. Email to

Thanks for submitting!

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